Our Philosophy in
Product Development

Our facial masks are designed to raise your standards.

TTM develops its products with absolutely no compromise (on quality).

Following are the three (product developing) principles that we take pride in as we offer our users the most premium facial mask experience.


you can trust

Meticulously selected materials

We select only top quality materials and sheet masks.
We visit the place of origin of our materials to understand the manufacturing process.
Some of our ingredients used are manufactured under conditions and environments even better than cosmetic-grade requirements.

Our products are inspected under the most stringent quality-control standards.
In addition to microorganisms and heavy metal content, our products also undergo medical-grade tests for endotoxin.

A thorough traceability system is developed.
Product information will be documented under the highest local standards.
The ratio and safety of product ingredients are also approved by EU toxicologists.


that offers
ultimate comfort

Perfectly contoured to your face

Tested on sensitive skin, our formulas have been adjusted and tested for active ingredients and preservative amounts for over hundreds of times in order to strike a balance between low-allergenic and high efficacy.

Our products undergo stability tests that simulate the different environmental conditions of our various markets.

Selected skin-friendly facial sheet masks and pharmaceutical-grade single-piece fermented bio cellulose masks from Japan offer our users a non-irritating ultimate experience.


that wows you

An experience like no other

All TTM facial masks are designed to impress our users.
In order to deliver the efficacy, each facial mask category undergoes human testing at third-party efficacy testing laboratories.

Our products guarantee a quality standard higher than most beauty products.
New products are researched and developed annually as we join with other top beauty brands and receive recognition at international beauty awards.

In addition to our top-notch research team, TTM also cooperates with some of the best international research labs in Switzerland and France in developing the most impressive products.