Serum & Cream

Vitalizing Pre-Mask Mist

150mL / PC



Using mineral water originating from the mountains of Switzerland and patented cell extraction method, TTM's Vitalizing Pre-Mask Mist utilizes high quality ingredients and cutting-edge technologies to provide deep moisture and a radiant glow in just one spritz.

Formulated with small molecules of hyaluronic acid, inositol, and natural moisturizing factors, it can restore the hydration of the stratum corneum to its best state, which later maximizes the functions and effects of a facial mask.

Maximizes the effects of a facial mask

Easy and instant boost of hydration

Multi-functional: refreshing, soothing, hydrating, prime skin for makeup

Fine face mist nozzle

Step 1

Shake before use. Use after cleansing your face or when your skin feels dry.

Step 2

Close your eyes and hold the mist 20-35 cm away from the face. Press down on the nozzle and spray evenly on entire face.

Step 3

Lightly pat your face with your hands to help absorption.